Jane Orient, MD, head of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (aapsonline.org) answered a question regarding the number of people who contracted hepatitis B from an “unknown source.” The medical establishment puts the number at 30%. Here is her response:

Sorry, I don’t know how hard they looked for the source of the “unknowns.” They are probably sexually transmitted (and people are notorious liars about sex). Other possibilities are contact sports, tattoos, piercings, and occupational exposures. If the 30% is worldwide, then medical exposure from dirty needles is probably a high likelihood.

The relevant figure is not that 30% of known cases are of unknown origin, but what is your probability of getting hepatitis b from an unknown source. That is very low because hep b is actually quite uncommon in the U.S. Compare that with your risk of a serious adverse reaction to the vaccine. Then you make your own choice, without their [the medical establishment’s] coercive meddling.