Our Mission:
To help the public make informed and intelligent decisions about childhood and adult vaccines. (Note: We do not offer medical advice, only valuable educational resources for informed decision-making).

The Facts:
A dizzying barrage of new, mandatory vaccines is being thrust upon us in the name of public safety. Other vaccines on the “recommended” list are increasingly being administered to healthcare workers and first responders. Despite mounting safety concerns, our military personnel are being subjected to experimental vaccines. Contrary to what your doctor or health department may be telling you, vaccines are not innocuous annoyances that magically protect recipients from dangerous diseases. They are serious drugs whose efficacy is retrospectively being disproved or questioned. And as both parents and doctors become better informed, a new light is also being cast upon the safety records of these products.

Although the federal government’s adverse reactions data are already alarming, even the FDA has confessed that serious reactions to vaccines go unreported by doctors nearly 90% of the time. Healthcare workers who readily admit that everyday pharmaceuticals may have serious side effects amazingly refuse to acknowledge that vaccines are capable of causing any ailment greater than a mild fever. Long-term follow-up studies are absent for these products, which contain diseased animal tissue, formaldehyde, phenol, mercury derivatives, aluminum salts, and very often unsafe and inconsistent amounts of the bacteria and viruses the products are meant to protect the recipient against. Although constantly denied by policy makers aiming for 100% compliance, vaccines have been linked to autism, epilepsy, ADD, ADHD, minimal to serious brain damage, learning disorders, arthritis, diabetes, Guillain-Barre syndrome, encephalitis, anaphylactic shock, and a host of other serious conditions. Due to the use of animal tissue in vaccines, links to HIV infection and cancer have also been suggested by many credible researchers. Other experts have shown concern about the evolving area of inter-species contamination of our gene pool.

As if the safety and accountability problems weren’t enough, vaccines are frequently being proven to be ineffective as a public health measure. While policymakers credit vaccines for the eradication of infectious and non-infectious diseases, statistics often paint a less than perfect picture. Many front line workers in the eradication of infectious diseases have credited sanitation and hygiene as being primarily responsible for the eradication of infectious diseases. It has been proven in recent years that diseases like monkeypox, ebola, and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) can be effectively controlled by surveillance and containment techniques that previously interrupted the course of polio and smallpox, among other diseases. Vaccine failures are also common. Outbreaks occur frequently in 100% vaccinated populations, and newer, vaccine-resistant strains of whooping cough and measles have already been identified in recent years.

The interruption of children illnesses has also become a concern in recent years; as childhood diseases become adult illnesses, they usually become more lethal. Illnesses like mumps, German measles and chickenpox are slowly being pushed into the adult population, where they have always done the most damage. Whooping cough is now being diagnosed in a significant number of adults. Children whose mothers never got measles are being put at extreme risk. Women who never had German measles as kids are now at risk of infecting their fetuses. Newborn babies are at risk of whooping cough because their mothers carry no antibody to protect them. The disturbing aspect of the vaccine business is that the policymakers continue to pile more and more vaccines on the public to make up for the erratic policies that have put us all into this precarious situation to begin with.

We now live our lives dependent on a business that refuses to acknowledge safety concerns, conducts unreliable studies using only the healthiest subjects, and relies on questionable criteria for reporting the efficacy of their inventions. We are threatened, intimidated and humiliated by a public health system that has turned the illusion of vaccine safety and efficacy into a science. Shamefully, chickenpox is now a “reportable” illness in many states. The five- to six-fold increase in autism in the last decade alone, however, is not worth a dime to the government.